Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lessons From Valentine's Day

I don't really have anything all that clever to say about Valentine's day. Actually, it's not a really high priority holiday for me. Since my last two blog entries focused on gender related issues and stereotypes in writing, maybe this is just another reminder of how no one is going to fall at the middle part of the distribution for their sex (or any other demographic variable) in all, or even most, ways. One way I'm not "typical" for my gender is that I don't place a lot of value on things like jewelry and flowers, as a rule, and while I like a good meal out as well as the next person, I don't feel like we have to go out on valentine's day. Heck, my husband and I have been married for twelve years now, and we both forgot our anniversary last summer (we both remembered that we'd forgotten a couple of days later). As an ex boyfriend told me once, I haven't got a romantic bone in my body.

Well, maybe that's not strictly true. Relationships are important to me, and I love my husband with all my heart. I really do consider myself to be one of the luckiest women alive, and I believe in the power and importance of love. So this is why I was standing in the card aisle grocery store tonight (on the way home from work) with all the bemused men who were trying to pick just the right card for their wives or girlfriends. Seriously, I was the only woman there with the procrastinators. I found a cute card with two dogs on it. We both love dogs, and I know my husband prefers cute/funny over mushy.

A couple of years back, he gave me a valentine's card that had a picture of a dog on it. It read, "Valentine, I made a present for you. It's out in the yard." I laughed my rear end off.

But I've never been one of those stereotypical "high maintenance" women. At least not in this regard.

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