Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Car Attained

To update, we settled on a car last weekend. A local Toyota dealer still had some 2015 Rav4s, and they were willing to go well below invoice price on them. Since there's not much difference between the 2015 and 2016 models, and I couldn't get an outback or Forester for anything close to the price I was able to get on this Toyota, we went with it. The fuel efficiency isn't quite what I would have liked, but there's enough space in the back for the dog crates, and it's got the other features I was hoping to get in a new car. As an added bonus, it's red (not the easiest color to find among the endless parade of silver, white, charcoal, and brown cars everyone seems to prefer these days). My first two vehicles, both light pickups, were red, so I was always a bit disappointed that the best color I could get for my 2001 Legacy wagon was boring whit (the only other color any local dealers had back then was a sort of alligator-colored gray green).

So I'm reasonably pleased so far. I'm hoping that it proves to be reliable and all the fancy electronic features they have on new cars won't be a thorn in my side as the car ages. Only time will tell there.

The new wheels

Austin and Wiley's crates from the rear

Flick's from the right passenger door

Magnetic doggie "decals" duly installed
On the homeowner front, we finally got that toilet flange patched, so the hall bathroom is functional again. And our new heating/cooling system is installed. Doug and I are a good deal poorer than we were this time last month, but driving is much more comfortable than it was, and our house is toasty warm again.

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