Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bigotry 101 Primer

I'm proud to say I never even heard of the show "Duck Dynasty" until the latest incident of celebrity bigotry hit the fan. Maybe it's because, politics aside, the subject matter (I'm guessing the show revolves around guns and hunting) is not remotely interesting to me. Or maybe it's because A&E has been a network I've been flipping past for decades. I remember, vaguely, that it once showed reruns of Blackadder and other British shows I liked, but that was a long time ago. There hasn't been much on it I've considered either artsy or entertaining in recent years.

Seems like every time there's an incident of celebrity "foot in mouth" disease, the web starts screaming about free speech and censorship and liberal intolerance and OMG reverse discrimination against white people and Christians.

This blog pretty much sums up anything I could have said on the matter.

As always, read the comments at your own peril (and have plenty of brain bleach handy).

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